Final Release Of Android N Will Be This Summer

Hiroshi Lockheimer the Head of Android revealed in his post today that Google’s next mobile operating system Known as Android N will have its official debut to all OEMs this coming summer.

Final Release Of Android N Will Be This Summer

But to tease off its fans, Lockheimer clearly notes that the company still on the process of deciding the official name that will present OS, everything on this part still as dark.

So this depends on when this OS officially drops, the summer information release might be earlier than its usual release date. But to clear the android head only mentioned the “final release of N to all device makers this coming summer”, as of now it is still unknown of when will be the final version of the system which is expected to be released to selected Nexus devices.

Also we found out a separate post made by the Android N vice president Dave Burke, he notes that the final version of the Android N will be near and with that everyone will be invited to test it as well.

So keep updated and we will update you with the latest development of Android N.

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