First explosion of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in the US causes burns to the user

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 started well and came into the market with a lot of fanfare and positive reviews around it but along the line, we started to record sorry cases and everything boils down to the issue of explosions that have plagued the smartphone.

Apparently, there were some of the units that had been shipped with faulty batteries and these ones were causing big problems all over the world, so much that the South Korean OEM had to recall about 2.5 million units of the device that had already been launched worldwide.

We have already heard cases from different parts of the world and the first one that we have heard from the United States has to be the first for more than one reason because this is the premier report of the explosion actually hurting a user.

According to the report of the incident posted online by someone who claimed to know the owner of this smartphone, the user was making use of his device and he was not even plugged in at all, so that possibility has been ruled out.

It was also claimed that although it burnt the user of the smartphone, they were just minor damages and nothing that required huge treatments.

This would better inform you to take your ow unit for the swap programme now and use the common sense better-safe policy which is better than waiting to see if yours is also one of those that carry a faulty battery.

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