A First Look With Xiaomi’s Newest Flagship Device Redmi Note 3

Xiaomi finally launched its first ever smartphone device for 2016, this will be for Indian market with Redmi Note 3.

A First Look With XiaomiRedmi Note 3

So this newest device was the first Xiaomi made Smartphone that is covered with metal body, not just that this one is company’s first device with fingerprint scanner handsets.

Redmi Note 3 from Xiaomi comes in variants and will be sodl in India starting today March 9 at 2 PM on Amazon. The device has 16 gigabytes device storage with 2 gigabytes phone RAM sold for Rs 9,999 and the other variant has 32 gigabytes device storage with 3 gigabytes device RAM sold for Rs 11,999.

The following Xiaomi price tag were close to Redmi Note 3 launched in China last 2015.

Xiaomi’s Note 3 covered with all metal and with rounded edges along sides. Turn the phone around and you will see some similarity with Meizu Pro 5. It has a round fingerprint scanner just below 16 Megapixel camera on rear side. Built with dual flash located between camera and fingerprint scanner, the device base has speaker section and slight chin below the screen to ensure gap between speaker and flat surface placed on.

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