For the First Time HTC 10 Renders Revealed

So HTC 10 as the next flagship Smartphone  recently revealed their renders for the first time ever, so there was a bit apprehension on HTC fans out there earlier regarding company’s 2016 flagship smartphone.

For the First Time HTC 10 Renders Revealed

While other handset manufacturers traditionally revealed its debut top of the line product during the Mobile World Congress, before that information has already leak— including Galaxy S7 from Samsung and G5 from LG, but with those leak information exposed on public, HTC was out of nowhere.

Some might ask why, but HTC had decided to have nothing to do with MWC as its official stage for launch in the last two months, but middle of April. Certain information was leaked regarding the device identified with its codename HTC Perfume, we confidently report real retail name and of course examine then the device with its renders that includes a white version of the device that was exclusive.

As we reported on our earlier post, the information seems pointing to conclusion that HTC Perfume will not be seen in market, but it will be HTC 10. The company’s stripped down trademark may give hint that the company have start among its consumers; many were jaded on what will be the next handset after One M9.

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