How to Fix “System UI has Stopped Working” Error Notification on any Android Device

How to Fix "System UI has Stopped Working" Error Notification on any Android Device

Android devices are plagued with several bugs and error notifications depending on the use and usage. However, one of the most common problems Android users face is the “Unfortunately, System UI has Stopped” notification which is indeed an irritant.

In case your Android device has been giving this notification and you’re indeed worried about it, here is a quick tutorial on how to solve this problem in easy steps.

To avoid the lag and less responsiveness which comes to your device with the notification, there are different methods to avoid the error notification from further happening, these methods include:

Method One:

You may need to restart your device in order to clear the system error and fix the error notification without taking additional steps. It is advisable to take this measure first and as a precautionary move in order to ascertain the depth of the problem. Should the error message clear off upon restart, you are good to go.

Method Two:

You will need to uninstall Google update on your smartphone. This can be done by going to the Settings option on your phone > Application Manager / App > Google App > Uninstall updates.

After you have successfully done this, restart your device. Should the error message persist, proceed to Method three.

Method Three:

Proceed to Settings > Applications > Menu > Show system application > System Interface.

Once there, locate the “Memory” section and clear the data and cache.

After this, you should restart your smartphone.

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