Freedom 251 Sold 30,000 Units Out of 70M Orders

The speculations about India’s $4 smartphone started just after its launch. The information has then revealed that a total of 30,000

Freedom 251 Sold 30,000 Units Out of 70M Order

As the device price tag catches the attention of the market in the mobile competition, as a start a total of 70 million has been reported received by the company but the shocking part with this promising budget device was that it only shipped a total of 30,000 units

So now the company is ringing bells with its customer service provider about the issue. Based from data, the recorded actual device shipment was revealed in the press conference with its top executives.

As the company received 70 million pre registration order for the device. Despite of the early registration where it requires payment options that will be done within the period of 48 hours, Ringing Bells did not set it so. The company stated that they will send emails after they sorted out the first 2,500,000 signup pre order confirmation.

Ringing Bells services is now under pressure for them to deliver a device will cost 10x more. And the government in India now mandating them to do it so or they will suffer consequences if they fail.

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