Fully Sponsored Donald Trump USA Awards Scholarship for International and African Students to study in United States

The President of the United States Donald Trump, yesterday sustained the US Embassy Scholarship for International understudies, knowing the path that there are specific picked and talented, low-pay understudies the world over, who all around require cash related resources and access to information to better their illuminating future. For quite a while now, the United States Embassy, USA should need to see accommodatingly qualified and in a general sense vivacious, low-pay understudies the world over to join the Education in USA.

The US Embassy will work vivaciously through their overseers with understudies constantly spared get-together and classes to help them all through the application structure to get solicitation and gifts to go to schools and universities in the United States. The expense for application technique is strengthened, including determination charges for required dealt with evaluations and gives free help to the U.S. Getting ready.

Application Deadline:

Not Specified

Course Type:

Scholarships are available to scan for after (Undergraduate, MBA and Postgraduate) program.

Concentrate Subject:

Scholarships are conceded in the field of study offered by the engaging schools. Tendency will be given to the most qualified contender whose review joins Africa.

Give can be taken in the:


Number of Scholarship:

Not picked

Give Benefits:

1. The University Composition Fee at the fitting rate of the study

2. An upkeep stipend for a single understudy ($14,900 for a year at the 2018 rate; adroit rata for courses shorter than a year)

3. One economy single airfare at both the begin and end of the course of the study

4. Inbound visa costs and the expense of the Immigration Health Surcharge

5. Instructive change supporting – from $500 to $2,000, subject to the length of your course, to go to get-together and courses.

6. Family stipend – up to $10,120 for a first youth and up to $4,320 for a resulting juvenile. No financing is obliged an ornamentation


All application should be submitted online before the application deadline


  1. Man of GOD help me in Jesus mighty name l need your prayers from you man of God my life is not good no food no work no money please help me man of God

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  5. Please sir. I need your help with little financial to start up a business of my own and help my family, please we need ur help man of God. Please sir

  6. Kindly Man of God, pray for me and my Wife to get a job,Am a music coach instrumentalist,technician and an electric engineer.
    My Wife is a Nurse by proffession.Her Name is Mary Wanjiru.
    Thankyou MAN OF GOD.

  7. Man of God the Father and the help of the nation my request is to help me with a sum of#100000 to do something meaningful in my life, thank you sir with your help God will continue to great you God bless you sir.

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      • Pls.pray for me and my children to overcome the evil forces and spiritual attack in my family and my husband home. Pls baba.pls I need scholarship for my children, one has gotten admission for HND in schools of mechaniciation in Kaduna, university ofDusema in kastina state industrial chemistry, their brother ABU Zaria diploma in computer science. Pls baba I need your assistant. My husband has been sick for stroke is getting to three years now.

  8. Thank you Man of God for this opportunity to to link up with you and to present my prayer items through this medium. 1. Pray for my to over my fleshy desires and grow in the my Christian life. 2. I have problems in my working place, pray for me to get another one or normalcy be restored in my pessent job so that I can train my children and the orphans that are under my care.

      • Man of God ,the father and help of the nation my request is to help me with a sum of $100,000 to beriel my biological mother ,which passaway on 13/11/2019,and buriel take place on Saturday 30th November 2019,to do something meaningful in my life ,thank you sir,with your help God ,will continue to great you God bless me sir,Amen

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  12. Man of God i seriously need your help in prayersas my family I going through some financial challenges
    pray for me I find a suitable job as quick as possible.
    thank you in advance.

  13. Please God help me because I’m earning double salary and I’m scared that if they found out I will loose my job please give me advice that how can I stop the first salary.

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    • Good morning man of God,I need your prayers for spiritual growth,I need your prayers for healing and good health,I want my creator to connect to me always, and speak to every evil situations around me , and I need your favor I want you to bless me financially , sorry I will send my email address to you tomorrow by God grace , thanks and God bless you the more Amen and Amen .

      • Man of god pray for my family.the entire ndansi family is suffering premature death in the family. Pray against this spirit man of god. Pray for unity and love. The family is in court bc of greed. I commite my bro ndansi denis who was missing the high sea n till now no information about him. I commite my ndansi alfred who got sick few hours ago.my junior bro ndansi gilbert having a leg problem.pray for the prosperity of every member of the ndansi family. Pray for break through in the family .man of god pray for my business .

    • The man of god please help me to improve my life my financial my business my love life and my family, make it easy for me everything especially my financial, only you the man of god to help me everything because you can do everything is correctly all that I need, the man of god thank you so much, in the name of Jesus amen

      • Good morning servant of God,I have seen the message you send to me in as much as I am from a very poor background I know and believe there is nothing impossible with our God. I really do need the scholarship all I need is God intervention for me to be favour.man of God pray for my parents they are Muslim that may God change and convert them back to Christ Jesus.

  16. Hi friends, this is Newton from Kenya. Can we form a prayer group on Facebook or Whatsapp? My number is+254724637572. May the good Lord bless you all, thanks alot.

  17. I only need wisdom, only but wisdom in everything am doing as a Man in this Earth,and that is all towards my prayer man of God…

  18. daddy please pray for me l need ur help in prayer l need a help to change my life l am so much struggle from January to December at the end nothing please l need ur prayers upon my life let my life change so that I can support my family please God bless you sir give you more anoithing in Jesus Christ name Amen

  19. Man of God I need a break through in my life,I need a job,a hansband who would love me n support me in every situation dat will face n pls keep on praying for me n I need more blessings n power so a able to protect n take care of my children n one more thing I’m sick n I pray God every day n I believe dat one day god he will answer my prayers n I know dat I will be healed one day.god give me more blessings in my life.AMEN

  20. Amen man of god can you pray for breakthrough in my family we need home and be financially blessed amen and most importantly be more healthy those who are sick must be healed in jesus name amen

    • YEs i connected man of God.pls help me continuos with my studiers ,pls man of God help me to find permanent job nd pray for me iam sick,cant go to periods

  21. Most of people, they tell me that God want to use me, but they don’t tell me how,please pray for me to understand the gift of God that I have and I need your help to complete my studies so that I can change my home background 😭

    • Man of God,I need serious prayers.After two children,Doctors have confirmed that my both tubes are blocked.I could not believe as my last child has just has just made 4yrs.I am afraid of my future and marriage,but I strongly believe God who blessed Sarah will bless me.No situation is too big for him handle

  22. Good morning prophet I need you to pray for me concerning my traveling processing that God should provide money for me to finish it all ijn Amen

    • My father in the lord
      I really need you to help me,and pray for God favour in my life
      And also to blessed my hand
      Also to bless my family
      An my sister who’s not feeling fine
      On Jesus might name I pray

        • Help me pray man of God abput my wish. I need someone to love me,a love and caring man.many came to me but they lost and leave pain ,heart breaks… At present i did a pioneering ministry without support, i Felt hard,Because Am a widow no one to Support me. Kindly pray for me for my dual prayer request.

      • Bom dia profeta ore por mim, preciso promoção no meu emprego, trabalho na vale de Moçambique. E estou namorando uma moça chamada Manara das dores. Haja prosperidade na nossa relação e prosperidade no meu emprego.

  23. I need your help my dad had stroke and there is no money to take him to the hospital…. Plsss help me this is my line 2348109605997..

    • Cogràtuations for good work of God for sua you blsd.. ua my hero my menter.. God BLS you sir.I John karuga njuguna a gospel artist from kenya. Nairobi city. I request you to pray for me God fevour.God open a new door for me..I have invitation latter from u.s.a bt I am jobless I need money plz man of God pray for me

  24. I am pastor Bwalya Bernard, from Zambia in mpika muchinga province, I need your help because things are not going well and I need God’s hand and grace in my ministry.financially and I’m trusting God for his blessings in Jesus mighty name . WhatsApp number is +260960600072

  25. Thank you Prophet of God my prayer is to meet you just to lay your hands upon me and speak over my life so that the anointing may be released in my life and ministry. I am in South Africa and pastoring a church.i strongly believe in Grace and Annointing in you Prophet.

  26. Please sir I really need prayer about my admission since 2016 that I have pass out the secondary school I just have time to go school but now they’ve been given people admission now I never see mine and also I need money to settled it through which mean I really need your prayers

  27. hello! the man of God I need good job and preaching bible and so on pleas help me prayers of my lifi & family.am poor man so help me am Ethiopian ,am graduated degree program field of computer science so, how I get in ajob pls help me. God bless you!!!!!

    • Bom dia homem de Deus! Eu pesso a sua oração, quero defesa espiritual para a minha vida, me ajuda a vencer todas as tentações do inimigo. Prosperidade no meu emprego e na minha vida, proteção na minha casa e em tudo que eu faço aja prosperidade na minha vida e na minha carreira profissional 🙏

      • Bom dia homem de Deus! Eu pesso oração: ajuda-me a vencer todas as tentações do inimigo contra mim e a minha casa, seja destruída toda obra do Inimigo contra mim, minha esposa, e quero proteção na minha casa, no meu emprego e em todos meus planos. Me ajude a prosperar em tudo que eu faço e que penso em fazer quero uma promoção compulsiva no meu emprego, para uma promoção que me ajude a prosperar de forma milagrosa para que o mundo saiba que eu sou com o Deus do profeta TB jochua en nome de Jesus 🙏 eu creio.

  28. Man of God. Thanks for your for me.
    Am still suffering from diabetes.
    Most of my children have no jobs.
    Life is not easy for me and my family.

  29. Man of God am in need of prayers my dadis very sick aand needs God’s healing please man of God help us ,may God bless you and thank you

  30. Man of god please pray for me nothing happen in my life .I have no place ,no food,i am jobless and moneyless .My brother chase me at home im afraid of him because he want to kill me and he is very dangerous.All i need get job and find my own place .Sometimes people they promised me but endup dissapointed .i dont knw what to do .i need money .i need breakthrough in my life .Please pray for me man of god .Amen

  31. Good morning man of God, I am elder at my local church, some time back I used to go to church with my wife and children as family, but to my dismay, they suddenly stopped going to church on flimsy excuses. I PRAY for them, man of God, but they can’t change for the better. My wife is always an attached to the reality on the ground, my first born son is a drunkard, my second born daughter has just failed her second grade 12 exams, my third born daughter is in grade 11 but has started drinking beer and even to an extent of sleeping out, despite me being tough on such things,i always try to talk to them in a loving fatherly manner, still it seems not to work at all.please man of God help me, I really love my family So much, that I can’t manage to lose them to the evil of this world.i want them back to where they belong, the family of God their creator, I need deliverance,healing, unity,love and strength to pull through as a family. And also my financial situation is a source of worry. For I’m even failing to pay for their school fees. Man of God, please have mercy upon me, In the mighty name of Jesus Christ my Lord and saviour

  32. man of God i seriusly need your strong prayers as things in my life are stagnant ,my family needs your prayers for a financial break through.
    thank you in advance

    • Man of God.. I have be suffering since my mom born till nw I do not get good job ro hand work so I am beginning on the street and I am only one son in family and my father is a blind so I dont know what to do please man f God I need your helping and save me from the hand Of all evils and pray for me to successful life to take careful my family and other please… I hope no body for help please have kind on me.. I am a deaf but I can speak well please save me and beg God to open the way where dere is no way for me please thank and God bless u more power

      • Man of God.. I have three and my my first was die since 2013 other my two sister is mad and dey r in village so we are very poor.. I am only one son to suffer beginning on the street to get money to feed my family but that beg is pain me beaucse I dnt like beg but I can’t go to steal ro killing myself… I am so happy to meet you beaucse I know you will solve all my problem to hand Of God please save me and help me. I am from IMO state owerri in lGA mbaitilo.. The name of my village is Umuezealaeze Alaenyi ogwa mbaitilo imo state Nigeria… My father name is Hezekiha onukwugha Erumole and he is stay in village all the time beaucse of blind… My mother Was death end month Aug 1st 2019 and buried September 10 2019 I send all my money to buried her and nw I dont have any kobo in my account bank that is why I go beginning on the street again.. I am married and have one daughter since my wife give birth her in 2014 up till nw she do not have other child again so I have take her to all hospital and the doctor say she womp is good up till now she do nt give birth other child.. I tired of it and I leave it in the hand of God please I need pray to breakthrough and destory all the power evil spirits in my family life please… Help me am tried of suffering.. If I die no body will take care f my family please man of God have mercy on me

      • Man of God I need a man that will make me happy in my life pary for breakthrough in my life please man of God life is really difficult for me .

      • I only need wisdom,only but wisdom in everything am doing as a Man in this Earth, and also a job. And that is all towards my prayer man of God

  33. man of God please say your wish is succeded in name of jesus thank you.please please please do not forget me God bless you

  34. I am interested to go for further studies and my family is financially weak, my of God I suffer alot and I need a fully funded scholarship and I believe that God will answer my prayers

  35. I’m the single parent who have two 3 children two fighters and boy I’m 43 years old I’m disable no work for taking care of children

  36. man of God things cant move and am in the middle of no where, need your help to pay off my debt, and further my education. if possible even to come there. please please.so i really need your help my watsup 0968427640

  37. man of God things cant move and am in the middle of no where, need your help to pay off my debt, and further my education. if possible even to come there. please please.

    • Praise god man of god I need help I have know home and financial and know children please pray for me I also need that happiness.god bless u

  38. Man of
    God.i need ur help.am evangelist David israel.igbo name.chigoziri ojogho david.from abia state.but residence at ihiala.anambra state.i stoped my education.half way becos no sponsor.i read computer science abia state polytechnic year 2001.nobody to sponsor me.am into ministry now.no money to sponsor my ministry.i preach inside bus over 9years now.help me sir .m in need of finance .I will be glad.i cannot even help my father.he I jobless now.crying for money.an authomobile engineer.help.my whasap number 08137211504

  39. My father I am here having to lot different problems in my life I am jobless bcz of that I separat with my kids bcz of struggling thing getting very bad every day pls man of God help pray for financial problems I don’t no what to and where to go help father pls

  40. Syalom nabi Allah yang baik..bantullah hamba saat ini yang mengalami banyak kendala keuangan dalam melanjutkan pendidikan dan bisnis saya.. saya butuh terobosan keuangan tolong bantu saya yesus..tidak ada jalan lain yang harus saya cari selain datang kepadamu.. tolong hubungi saya di WA +6285352857179

  41. مرحبا انا من تشاد العاصمة أنجمينا انا ابحث عن أي للعمل وهذا رقمي واتساب +23599601521

      • I really need it after high school I didn’t get a chance to further my studies cod of financial challenges,infact I don’t even have my high school certificate due to lack o financial problems I will be greatful if you help me grab this opportunity.

    • Thank prophet I need money to pay our debt.me and my family facing fainenshiol crisis we don’t know what to do but I am still hoping that God will Mack a way.and sed a angel for help me.plese pray for me my family and my love and our fainenshiol problem’s and my personal problems.

    • Prophet of God please I’m in need of money to pay our debt we are facing financial crisis we don’t know what to do, where to get and how to cope up with this but I’m still hoping that God will make a way for us to be able to get through with this money problem.please pray also for deliverance upon my husband that God will transform him from the bandage of alcoholism.

      • Please pray for me and my family I have no job to maintain my family financial breakthrough please man of God and I know God will do something special to me

  42. Glory be to God, me personally I dream of school every morning but the poorness can’t allow me to do anything around me.in the beginning my families background is very poor. I have end up senior four in 2010 up to now not school not jobs and I have one child.so life is not easy today I have difficulties in my life time really.
    With all this I said it with name of Jesus Christ Amen.

    • Prophet of
      God.am happy for this.am an evangelist..I was going to school before.but sudenly.nobody to sponsor my education again.i studied computer science in abia state polytechnic.year 2001.awaiting result .till date no sponsor.all my brothers I senior are graduates.am into ministry now.but suffering from financial problem.i cannot meet up needs or solve problem in our family.my dad is jobless.crying.help me dady tb joshua.i live at ihiala.anambra state.fromm abia state
      My whasap number is 08137211504

      • Please pray for me and my family I have no job to maintain my family financial breakthrough please man of God and I know God will do something special to me

        • Prophet joshua i need financial for my business and remove my sickness diabetic etc etc.and i have family but its all destroy im alone i need companionship in my life cause i am alone they leave they never shared food and money to me i dont know what happen to my family

        • My father I am here having to lot different problems in my life I am jobless bcz of that I separat with my kids bcz of struggling thing getting very bad every day pls man of God help pray for financial problems I don’t no what to and where to go help father pls

  43. May God bless you people for the lot’s of life you are changing in the world good evening my name is etaayuknoela I am undergraduate student please I want to apply for a scholarship this will change my life for ever thank you.

  44. Man of God I’m in a serious financial situation which I need your help I’m from a poor family my father is sick my family from one problem to other I loan with my bank debt is all over me I don’t know what do anybody I run to for help after hearing my problem they will turn me down please my of God help me. My hand used to pain me my left hand I don’t know the curse. Help me

  45. I am interested but, man of God, I would be grateful if you could rather, in a way direct me as to how to get sponsors to assist my church Restorers Fountain Ministry Int’l,Hohoe Assembly in the Volta Region of Ghana.The founder, Apostle. Bernard.K.Ayiku, by His grace, is doing what could but we still need sponsorship.May He that created the heaven and earth give you the wisdom to link commission to sponsors in the name of the Lord Jesus christ of Nazareth. AMEN.

    • I’m interested man of God but I don’t have the funds, your assistance will be highly appreciated sir

      I’m interested sorry but I don’t have the money to start I wish you could help me I mean off and I don’t have parents in them I didn’t finish my education but I would love to finish my education help me sir because even life is not easy for us for us in my siblings

    • Pray for me financial breakthrough, I want to get marriage and God to in large my territory and the holy spirit to continue be with me and God to give direction in whatever am doing

  46. Hello l am Johnson C.Foryoh from liberia but I am in Morocco for now,l really do appreciate you Mr.président.
    And l really need this opportunity,and I will be glad to hear from the scholarship department soon.
    My Regards.

  47. Amin Alhammdullilah… Sy buka fb atas dasar melihat keterangan Al Quran turun dr arah kiblat menerangkan langit dan bumi satu dunia saat turun Al Quran.sy menyaksikan dlm mimpi.dgn ini membuka fb lewat hp untuk mengenali bumi Allah dan insan insan Allah seluruh dunia. Dlm keterangan Allah memberi petunjuk lewat kitab Al Quran. Salam insan insan Allah seluruh dunia. 🙏🙏🙏🙌🙌🙌👏👏👏 keterangan rezeki langit dan bumi dr Allah disampaikan insan Allah yg ada didunia.

    • Good after noon world wide president and the hill worldwide friends thanks very much to see the good news coming to worldwide Government I am stap down to the worldwide Government and worldwide friends to type this letter is not coming from me is god accepted me in my life to get assistance coming from the worldwide Government me of cause I,mthe person not educated strong I know the worldwide assistance they can know about the worldwide behavior I under stand this sponsor is a scholarships sponsor but iam still need a sponsor under my Christian to assist me with money thanks name Laxson Tshuma Zimbabwe Africa if the worldwide get any sponsor I bring all my details

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