LG G5 SE Seems Not That Special

G5 SE From LG Seems Not That Special

Just few weeks ago from date, rumors keep circulating on the web about SE version of G5, and this time it will sport a smaller version of the device.

G5 SE From LG Seems Not That Special

The device will be similar to iPhone’s SE the small version with much power. If only the real truth will be as interesting as what has stated on the rumors. After the device appear on a LG website in Russia, now we know that G5SE is nothing but a slightly cheaper that is underpowered version of G5 the company’s flagship device.

The obviously difference with G5 SE toward the G5 can be seen on its internal device downgrades, this means that the company lowers down the price for the Latin America and Russian mobile market.
The lower version of G5 has no LTE support, powered by Snapdragon 652 not the Snapdragon 820, it has a 3 gigabytes of device ram instead of the original 4 gigabytes RAM

If look at the outside, you will see that the phone will be somewhat identical. It has the same design though if look closer at G5 SE it is 7.3mm thickness compared to G5’s 7.7mm, it has the same 5.3 inches QuadHD display, the same cameras as well and the modular design seem similar.

But what was still unclear till now, was that if the company plans to bring G5 SE in United States or any among the Western Markets.

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