Galaxy Note 7 replacement units for Portugal to start arriving on 19th September


There was very huge fanfare with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 but all that has been tossed into the waters now with the issue of explosions and bad battery that plagues the units of this device. It has gotten so bad that they had to order for a recall and it has been announced that the replacement units for those in Portugal is scheduled to start arriving as from the 19th of September.

However, it is not all good news for Samsung everywhere as those in the US are not keying in to the plan as they should, and with right reasons too.
First, being one of the biggest markets of the Asian OEM, the units there are very much and customers are worried that if they return it now, it would take very long to get their replacements.

Some are even shy to try the trade in option because they might not have the chance at a Note 7 again and same goes for those that are boycotting the total refund option. You should know that if you are turning your phone in, you get the chance to have a Galaxy J which could be your main phone till your own replacement units too start to arrive.

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