Galaxy Note 8 May Hit The Shelves August 24

Fresh report has indicated that South Korean tech company, Samsung may be planning to massively roll out the much expected Galaxy Note 8 device come August 24.

According to the latest report, the device which was earlier speculated to be coming into the market by mid-September may be hitting the market earlier than expected as the tech company is rumored to be planning on scrapping the pre-order period which would have otherwise shifted back the release date.

A Best Buy employee confirmed that the latest flagship device, the Galaxy Note 8 will go on sale in North America on August 24 which is just a day after the official unveiling of the device.

According to other reports, the smartphone will be available for pre-order on the day of its official launch and stores will begin stocking the next day.

It is however unsure what Samsung has planned for the pre-ordered device package as there is no confirmation as to the credibility of the fresh report.

It is advisable that this report be taken with a grain of salt pending the official confirmation from the company or verifiable sources.


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