Galaxy S6: No Qualcomm processor, no dust and water resistance

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While last year’s Samsung Galaxy S5 made its debut with IP67-certified dust and water resistance much to the hails of tech reviewers and readers alike, Samsung is said to be no longer interested in the feature this time around as it makes the next flagship.

This was due to the architecture of the new Galaxy S6 which was reportedly built up from scratch with the codename “Project Zero” . The Korean company is expected to increase it’s profit margin when this feature is casted away.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is dust and water resistant.
The Samsung Galaxy S5 is dust and water resistant.

On the other end, Bloomberg reports that Samsung won’t be using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 chipset to power the S6 like expected, instead, the phone maker has opted for an in-house Exynos CPU. This move will also see the company making more profit since the Qualcomm processors naturally cost them more than their home-brewed Exynos.

Earlier reports claim that the Qualcomm is facing over-heating issues and thereby might cause delays to the Galaxy S6 and other flagships that might depend on the 64-bitprocessor. Qualcomm has long refuted the story.

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