Galaxy S7 Disassembling Reveals ‘Nearly Impossible’ Image To Replace A Broken Screen

Mobile manufacturers getting smarter these days, some strengthen its security encryption so that only those who are authorized party can repair their device.

Samsung S7 Teardown

For today as Samsung Galaxy S7 still on the top of the trend of one of the hard to fix handsets, so we decided to do some simple research with the issue. And we found out somehow that we think useful.

One popular website named as “iFixit” gives Samsung’s device a 3/10 repairability score, this score putting again the device on the top row on the most difficult device to repair, So once you’re on to the device, it will now become harder or almost impossible for repairman to replace even a single component without making any damage with the other one.

So to continue, while the device speaker, wireless charging coil, antenna that are interconnected with the device motherboard via tiny little spring connectors, so repairers have might melt it through that secures device’s panel. And also the device battery is hard to remove not intended for any replacement.

Overall, S7 gets lower rating for repairability rating than its previous S6.

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