Galaxy S7 Edge units on the Nougat start getting new update 


​It has just been a little over a couple of weeks since the users of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge started to get their Nougat update from Samsung and now, there is a new update rolling out, but only to the Edge variants of the flagship device. This update arrives with a build version of G935XXUIDQAS and it happens to weigh in at just 15MB. 
With this kind of size in consideration, one should know that it would just be a housekeeping and maintenance update at best.

As to the specifics of what the update is to address the change-log has not proven to be of much use but it is said to be a minor update to fix some bugs in the system. While there is no information on what bug it is Samsung wants to squash this time around, there is likewise sealed lip on whether the standard (flat) version of the Galaxy S7 would also get this update. 
And lest we forget, this update is only rolling out to the Galaxy S7 Edge users who already have the Nougat up and running on their units.

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