Gold colour variant of the Huawei Mate 9 leaks, “feels” like a fake

We already know that the management of Huawei have already set the 3rd of November for their grand unveiling of their latest flagship – the Mate 9 – but has that stopped the rumour mill from working so hard to get the juiciest specs and information to leak from this soon to be release.

In the light of this post, we have gotten some news again to confirm one of the colour variants that would be on the Mate 9 and since we are considering this as a leak, we are advised to always take it with a pinch of salt even though the release date is just a few hours away, compared to when we’ve been waiting.

The one we have seen in this picture is that variant that has a curved screen and has been leaked to have the codename “Manhattan” with there being another rumoured Long Island variant which would opt for a curved screen panel instead of the regular flat that we have so gotten used to over the years.

We are however suspicious of this leaks on two grounds such as the fact that there is no Leica branding on the camera behind the device and we are not yet wanting to believe that they would end the agreement on just the P9. Likewise, tree is a missing black inlay which we have seen on the last renders that confirms the final design of the device and if we are to consider these two points, we won’t have a hard time shoving this one in to the fake shelf.

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