Google Changes Permissions In Android Making Game Sign up Easier


Google recently changed the way how its Android system handles permissions for game lovers so that it could becomes lot easier for them to sign up for faster transactions.


The company said that they will be changing permissions for Google Play games by altering the model for games applications interfaces. The company is addressing common complaint from most developers about too many steps for players to handle before getting in to the final transaction.

On the other hand Apple has an advantage on this, because it has signed customers up for a decade to its iTunes accounts. Every user has their own sign-ins and individual credit cards on file, so they can right away start making purchases in games.

Under its new model, players were asked to sign in once per account, than once per game. No need for account upgrade to Google+ in order to user Google Play. Once players signed in the first time, they will no longer need to sign in for future games. Instead they will be automatically sign-in.

Dobson said, “Let’s be very clear: If you do nothing, unless you are depending explicitly on Google+ features, you will see no change in functionality, and a smoother sign-in experience.”

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