Google Compare Service Now Shutting Down

Google will be shutting down of one of its service that allows users to compare similar offers for credit cards, car insurance and mortgages. The information was according to report that we managed to recover from our insider source.

Google Compare Service Now Shutting Down

The name of the site was Google Compare and this was launched around 2015 in the month of March, and currently available in United States and United Kingdom.

The main feature of the site is to simplify all the financial services available for the consumers, so with Google taking commission on referrals or cases like selling products to leads.

But sadly the Google’s expectation was not achieved by the site, this was explain by an email sent to our source upon inquiry. Despite of that people are turning to the financial service given by Google, the Google Compare service was not really that success as it just send emails that has been published by its Search Engines.

So citing person that is familiar with it, our source pointed out the Google struggled on selling ads with the site since most users use different sites before they make a final move.

Lastly Google will start winding down the site this month and should complete before March 23.

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