Google Launches Adwords App For iOS Enabling Marketers Deal With Their Ad Campaigns


Google finally launched its native iOS application exclusively for AdWords, enabling marketers monitor and manage their advertising campaigns online on the move. This year’s launch comes almost year after Google first introduced the app for Android operating systems.


With Google’s AdWords for iOS operating systems, users can now manage their ad budgets and update anytime with their bids on keywords. They can set up personalized notifications and customized alerts, monitor click through rates known as (CTR) and cost-per-click (CPC) advertising performance, and even call Google AdWords expert for expert advice through the app.

Generally this app is worth nothing for those who are not familiar with website advertising and other forms of site promotions. The app is only for those individual who already set up Adwords. Google now has an app for iOS operating system specifically only for AdWords Express, automated version of Google’s online advertising product.

Things even simpler as Google’s all in one mobile advertising app is now easy to handle with mobility, advertising campaign optimized for mobile devices. This makes sense as advertisers are able to manage their campaigns while on the go. And for some this app has been long time coming.

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