Google Letting Android Users Directly Install Apps From Search Results


As to date, Google is on the process of testing its new feature on Android operating systems. This feature lets users install application from the application found on search engines.

So what’s the deal? Though this process allows users directly install on the device, so meaning it will no longer being directed to Google Play Store.

According to our Android Police, the said feature will only bring small permissions and then install button as what Play Store does, and this will only work when user searches through a Google app and not by using Google Chrome browser.

Using the traditional Google search function, the result will now display links directly from Play Store and the same thing will happen with iOS App Store for Mobile Safari browser for iPhone users.

However this would mark as first time users can now download and then install the app without even re routed through a mobile storefront like Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

For now it isstill unclear if the feature will be implemented after the testing period and will become widespread and useable through mobile browsers like what Chrome and Safari. But there was no official statement released by Google as to the issue. But if it became a main feature, even if for Android owners only, this might boost Google’s efforts keeping its search engine relevant in world increasingly dominated mobile apps.

After all, the company would very much like mobile users to spend as much time using Google as possible, even if it’s for installing an app it doesn’t make.

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