Google Nexus 5X: An Overview

Google Nexus 5X review

The LG-made Google Nexus 5X recently went on sale in markets such as the United States and United Kingdom and even though reviews and specifications have been released beforehand, people still has new stunning things to say about the device. For many, this didn’t come as a huge surprise as the collaborators with Google on the Nexus 5X programme – LG – are known to be at their notorious bests with Nexus smartphones.

Coming as a big upgrade to the Nexus 5 phone and within a reasonable price range likewise, the 5.2′ of screen that the device comes with is nearly everything you’ll see on the front of it. The screen is clean, crisp and renders all colors that it is given very well. The base of the device sees a lightning USB port that makes use of the USB Type C cable. Taking a leaf from iPhone’s books, the USB is reversible.

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The device features a 12.3MP camera on the back as you might have read, but that’s not the only interesting feature on its back. It also has a fingerprint sensor that has been called the Nexus Imprint, able to recognize up to 10 distinct fingerprints. This fingerprint sensor has an higher edge over its predecessors, even those made by Apple as it allows you unlock the screen without even turning on the screen, and its fast too. Android Pay also uses this fingerprint feature to authenticate your transactions.

That’s not all. The Marshmallow update does pretty much all you’ve read and even more, helping you to maximize battery use when device is idle. The device also supports flash charging, with 10 minutes of charge giving you about 25% of juice.

With the camera efficiency and all the other updates Marshmallow gives on this device, you can’t go wrong with the Google Nexus 5X.

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