Google Nexus 6 will be available in 28 countries by year end

Now that the Android flagship smartphone has been unveiled, all that’s left is to bring the device to the teeming number of consumers who want it.

Google Nexus 6 26 countries
First of all, we all know that the Nexus 6 will be available in the United States of America — no sentiments here — USA is the home of Google and headquarters of Motorola, even before the phone maker was acquired by the Big G.

Now, after the Google Nexus 6 is released in the United States at some date in November (which the officials haven’t told us), the smartphone will also be sold in dozens of European, North American and Asian countries before 2015. India is also one of the markets that will receive the 2014 Nexus.

When asked to break down the list by country, Motorola declined to reply. But then, we already know the phone costs $649 for the 32GB model while the 64GB version is yet to be priced.

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