Google Nexus 6P: Bendgate or not? Not!


A video started to make rounds on the internet last week about the Huawei-manufactured Google Nexus 6P that the device was an easy bend and lacked the amount of structural integrity that a device of its caliber should have. While a lot of people might have been taken to the idea of us having another possible Bendgate in the market, we can categorically tell you today that such is not the case as your Nexus 6P is just fine. The maker of the video might just be in the market for a lot of views and safe to say, he got what he has wished for.

The bend test on the Nexus 6P device came after a series of other tests in which the device has already passed through hell. The fire test alone was enough to weaken the device and given that this device already had a cracked screen also contributed to the total easy bend illusion. The glass makes up the total build of any smartphone and supplies a reasonable amount of tensile strength to the smartphone.

Although, we do not recommend putting your Nexus 6P in a pocket that contains objects like your nail clippers as the scratch test was no joke but the bend test has failed to tell the truth about this device.

To confirm this, there’s already another video making the rounds on the Nexus 6P where the bend test was carried out by stacking an amazing 90 pounds of weight onto it, and only a little bend which was grossly insignificant was recorded.

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