Google Nexus’ shipping claims fails to sit well with customers


With the amount of technology that Google hopes to introduce with its Nexus devices this year (the Huawei made Nexus 6P and LG produced Nexus 5X), it is not unusual to see that the demand is very high. Also, given that the Nexus 5 was a big success from LG likewise, it was only then common reasoning that the Nexus 5X would even come to please more. This and many more reasons led to the Nexus devices released this year being in very high demand and going up a high notch on pre-order. However, it seemed like Google didn’t expect this much turnout as there wasn’t enough devices on ground to last all the pre-orders and as such, some had to be stalled.

In a bid to hen explain actions, Google made the mistake (that’s what it seems to be now) of sending out a tweet which claimed that the Nexus devices have been shipped out in the order of which pre-orders were obtained, and this claim didn’t sit well with quite a large number of smartphone users.

Many even went as far as showing screenshots that faulted this claim with older pre-orders getting delivered first. Anyway this plays out, we hope Google delivers to others soon too.

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