Google Pixel XL now in stores again, could sell out pretty fast

In the face of data analysis, no one could have thought that the Pixel XL launched by Google would be as successful as this in the market and the fact that the device got sold out on not only the Verizon stone but also, from Google themselves, in a space of just weeks, shows that there is a very huge turnout for this one. Even though the younger sibling of this device – the Pixel – is also enjoying a huge deal of success in its own sales too, the Pixel XL’s rise to dominance was most interesting because many had thought that customers would rather go for other products at this price range.

Google Pixel XL now in stores again, could sell out pretty fast
The first set of Pixel XL variants to go off the market was the Really Blue colour option that didn’t even last a couple of weeks before early birds had gotten everything off the shelf. Due to the kind of manufacturing constraints that the colour gave to Google, they were only able to provide this one in 32GB options while the rest of the colour choices saw their 128GB models outed.
Right now, there is another set of Google Pixel XLs which have just landed in the Google Store and considering that they had a lot of backorders to complete and even more interested customers on ground, now is a good time to act if you don’t want to wait for another couple of weeks.

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