Google Pixels won’t have waterproof abilities, to come with only IP53 rating


We have been getting a lot of leaks on the upcoming Pixel smartphones for a while now and with every new leak that we have, it sees that there is not much to expect from them at all. We have been looking at them all from the aspect of premium devices but with each assign day, they give us new specs to make us consider taking them off this level, bit by bit.

After prepping your minds on that level, you should already know that this new piece of information wouldn’t do such to raise positive eyebrows too and if recent leaks are anything to go by, the upcoming Pixel device won’t have waterproof capabilities.

A standard IP68 has to be one of the sure features that should come out with 2016 flagships and with the fact that Google is planning to launch a next generation smartphone that would represent the face of the Nougat 7.0, it is very disappointing that they are taking off many of the things that could have gone on to make it a fan favourite instead.

For those who would like to now the rating on the smartphone, it is a meagre IP53 and for what it’s worth, this only means that it can protect against dust to an extent that it doesn’t affect the innards and stay safe against minimal water sprays.

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