Google Play tops Apple App Store for the first time in app downloads

iOS and Android have been the top operating systems on mobile phones since 2008 and much has been said in comparison of apps that are available to both platforms.

Android vs Apple app downloads
Both mobile OSes have well over 1 million paid and free apps and games officially available to them ie on Apple App Store and Google Play Store respectively, and for the first time, Google’s Android seems to have the upper hand over Apple’s iOS in terms of official app downloads.

Play Store vs App Store downloadsPlay Store vs App Store revenue
Statistics from AAI ( App Annie Intelligence) suggests that Android has more app installs than iOS from their respective stores during the second quarter of this year. However, revenue generated from apps still favors iOS and it’s App Store.

Play Store detailsPlay Store details2
The statistics revealed a lot of information like that United States Of America, Brazil and Brazil, in respective order, are the three top countries that download apps from Google Play Store.

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