Google Is Now On The Process Of Producing Smartphone With Virtual Reality Headset

We have found out recently from our source that Google is now serious about its plan to create VR (Virtual Reality) integrated devices, the company said that they are now on the process of launching its new headsets suited for all smartphones that supports the rumored virtual reality headset.

Virtual reality from Google

Top website leaker claims that the upcoming headset will be somewhat a successor to what Cardboard is, with its better sensor and high quality lenses pack in a plastic casing.

The smartphone device believed to be similar to Ltd.’s Gear VR from Samsung, the device that rely on smartphone device for its display, the only difference with Google’s version is the existing Cardboard Virtual Reality headset. A headset in which smartphone is inserted, the device come with some additional sensors specifically on motions added to what the device puts out.

Unlike the Gear VR, which works only with small Samsung range, Google’s upcoming headset will work in a much broader range of devices specifically Androids.

Google said that they are looking forward to build a virtual reality support integrated into Android. This explains that this feature will support most of Androids.

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