Google reportedly replacing defective Nexus 6P with Pixel XL

Huawei 6P

Tech company, Google, has according to latest reports began a rare move of replacing defective Nexus 6P devices with the Google Pixel XL ahead of the official release of the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

The tech company according to some users has begun the replacement via its online store where it is offering up a brand new Pixel XL units for the old and defective Nexus 6Ps.

The report stated that the replacement has been in place for a while and did not become popular until recently.

Google reportedly replacing defective Nexus 6P with Pixel XL

Fresh reports further indicate that units of the Nexus 6P which have exceeded the original 1-year warranty period are eligible for the phone upgrade.

However, users have noted that the replacement offer depends solely and largely on the region from which the user is applying for a replacement as those in the US and Canada have been confirmed to definitely be getting the upgrade.

Users in the UK aren’t so lucky however while Australians are only getting the Nexus 6P as replacement for their defective Nexus 6P.


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