Google ‘s Virtual Reality to Android Operating System Set To Launch

We already mentioned so many times on our post, that Google is set to launch its virtual reality project,  as this project is to complicated it needs to work with third party organization Cardboard.

Google Virtual Reality to Android

Now reports points out detailing what rumored to be Google’s next phase for them to finalize its virtual reality. Report also points out that Google is not working on the device as “successor to Cardboard,” creating higher quality device headset and developing virtual reality software directly to Android.

The upcoming device sounds Google version of the popular Gear VR from samsung. Like Cardboard, the device is powered by smartphone, with “solid plastic casing” built in better lenses and device sensors. But Samsung’s only work to a limited devices, there are report saying that Cardboard will be more compatible with broader range of smarphone device than Samsung’s “.

But Gear VR’s strength and Google Cardboard’s greatest weaknesses is its mounting solution. Samsung’s VR is a custom made only for Samsung device, so with those flagship device listed only keeps the device in perfect position relative to lenses.

On the other hand, Cardboard’s mounting solution is finicky, relying on user in order to perfectly align the device correctly in its headset.

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