Google to ditch ‘Nexus’ naming on new smartphones, to use ‘Pixel’ naming system instead

We have been hearing and reporting for a while that it seems that Google is prepared to give up on the Nexus naming and branding system on their smartphones as from now on and then, it just felt like just another story out of the water to pull traffic and all that.

Another report even came from India to suggest that since the market gives a large support base to Android phones, the next line of Nexus could be named Google smartphones directly. Well, for now, the only information that is true from the above is that they would truly be dropping the Nexus nomenclature and use a new brand line as from now on.

From the claims that have come from the stables of Android Police, the HTC Sailfish which would have 5.0 inches of screen would now be bearing Pixel instead and for the bigger Marlin that has 5.5 inches’ screen, the launch name would be Pixel XL.

In addition to this name change, the report also stated that from advertisement, Google would tout these smartphones as the first ever devices that were made by Google. This could mean that the global search engine giant is also looking to make its on phones by itself as from now on.

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