Google update to Nexus 5 brings volume control bug on board

When companies start to send out updates and security fixes to their devices, the only thing that is in their mind is to improve the performance of the device, boost its efficiency, keep their users happy and fix some bugs that have been reported and found through personal tests but Google got more than they bargained for when they released an update to the Nexus 5 earlier this month and instead of fixing all bugs, even brought one more bug online – the volume control system.

Nexus 5

Some users have complained that after the recent security update, they have not been able to increase the volume during a call and that although the slider might move, it does nothing really. Another set complained that they could not slide the volume past the second to the last option while another group are holding grudges because their callers can use the speakerphone when calling them due to the echo that they (the Nexus users) are giving off.

Currently, the problem with the update only seems to be volume and we are expecting that as fast as the end of this month or early next month, Google should start rolling out new patches and updates to fix this bug and help new features.

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