Google will spend $16 million in advertising Android One phones in India

Android One logo

Android One project
Google will make cheap smartphones for India with the aid of Micromax and others, we know. But what we haven’t known until now is that the Silicon Valley search engine giant will pour millions of dollars downstream to advertise those smartphones.

Google will spend 100 Crore rupees (about 16 million US dollars) in sensitizing the people of India about the Android One smartphones, a source with knowledge of the matter claimed.

Android One project launch
Google’s head of of Android,  Sundar Pichai, had earlier showcased a smartphone made by Micromax under the Android One platform. The phone sports a 4.5″ display, has dual SIM card support, an SD card slot and an FM radio.

Google says that the theme of the Android One project is to “reach the next billion people” (who will start using Android in their lives).

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