Google’s Crystallized Smartphone Design

Looking back in the past wherein iPhone was not yet created, smartphone existed though they have not caught on. In the past, numerous designs that a customer can choose, like PalmPilot and BlackBerry just name it and then iPhone was created.

Google’s Crystallized Smartphone Design

So from there, according to Matias Duarte Google’s Design vice president, it looks like smartphone’s design and UI become crystallized with Apple’s smartphone. Duarte shared thoughts on smartphone UI design and he suggested that if just Apple arrived on scene year later, today’s Android smartphones might different as what we have now.

According to him it is not a battle of device in which the best device packaging got it all. It was not that easy to think, if only apple was less than year to its market, that market’s expectations of what smartphone device crystallized something like what Blackberry was.

While he describes that Apple’s design might not be the best, it has still set the tone of what smartphones should be like what we have today, and that is not a good thing to consider. Duarte ensure that all future designs will surely deviate from what Apple set in motion years ago, but at the end of the day every matters on every individuals personal device preference.

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