Guess who is BlackBerry’s latest employee?

Canadian phone maker BlackBerry, despite being commonly referred to as the most secure mobile platform, has taken its security to a whole new level after the company hired former Internet Of Things engineer, David Kleidermacher as its new Chief Security Officer.

David KleidermacherMr. Kleidermacher has had at least 20 years of experience in product engineering where he is versatile in operating systems and computing devices. The engineer has written a couple of books on security like “ Practical Methods for Safe and Secure Software and Systems Development” (co-written by Mike Kleidermacher) which can be found on Amazon.

Kleidermacher will oversee security research and product development at BlackBerry, his worksheet states. At his former workplace at Green Hills, he oversaw a team that built the INTEGRITY high reliability real-time operating system which received the highest security level ever obtained for an OS and was awarded clearance from the FAA.

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