Hello Moto and Good Bye Motorola


‘Moto by Lenovo’, sooner Lenovo will kill Motorola brand but to keep ‘Moto’ alive.

Over the early 2000’s Motorola introduced as cell phones to people, so meaning when we say Motorola people immediately thinks of a cell phone device. It seems that the shinning glory is over and now it is going to the sunset, but Chinese parent producers plans to keep ‘Moto’ alive.

Rick Osterloh the Motorola chief officer partially confirmed that its ongoing consumer electronics production graph shows Motorola will soon be phased out in the market.

“We’ll slowly phase out Motorola and focus on Moto,” Osterloh was quoted on several reports emerging as the largest consumer show, that is held annually in Vegas.
The remaining ‘Moto’ will then be focused on high-end phone products, probably will carry the brand tag ‘Moto by Lenovo,’ at the same time Lenovo’s ‘Vibe’ was designed for budget devices.

There are reports confirms that Motorola’s ‘Moto X’ will feature blue Lenovo trademark and Motorola’s ‘M’ batwing will still be used.

In the n Motorola Mobility will continue to exist but later one carries Lenovo company as its engineering and design of all its future mobile products. However the product branding will be dual brand using Moto and Vibe globally.

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