HMD clears the air, says there’s no White Nokia 6 anywhere


There has been some piece in the news now of a white version of the Nokia 6 that was just made available by HMD – the company that bought the right to sell phones with the Nokia branding officially. However, the Communications Director of the company has come out to clear the air, and if you were happy for this colour to launch, we are sorry to be the ones to burst your bubble.  <br><br>

The listing was originally spotted on Lazada and in the space of the time between the time of first listing and official denial of the colour, it has been changed to black.


Likewise, even though the units are selling via the retailer for a price of about $370, HMD Global has stated that they have not started to launch the Nokia 6 outside of China, and the retailer might have just gone out of their way to import some units. 


Right now, there’s good news yet for Nokia, given that the initial batch sold out in less than a minute and the next batch sale already has 1.4 million people waiting.

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