Honor 6X gets official, receives certification from TENAA


Huawei introduced the Honor brand of smartphones for just one reason – to offer diversification so much that they would be able to cater to those that would like to use high end devices but don’t have the full financial capacity to go for what we are seeing on the market these days. With that thought in mind, they launched the sub-brand and they have been successful in that regards but still, they think that they can cater to even lesser pockets and so they decided to bring the X branding behind the launch of any flagship there.

This is why it came as little surprise when one of the smartphones in this category got certified by TENAA and as far as names go, it is none other than the Honor 6X. Given that the 5X from last year packed a 5.5 inch of screen, we are expecting the same on the upcoming 6X and if we are not mistaken, this one should also opt to use the same QUALCOMM snapdragon 625 chipset plus an extra gig of RAM over last year’s 2GB seen on the Honor 5X.

To cap it all off, it should benefit from the fact that manufacturers have been putting 32GB of RAM on their midranges now and with that, we round off what we have for today, expecting more later.

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