How to download, install and run WhatsApp on unsupported phones

WhatsApp logoToday we’ll be sharing with you all how to download and use WhatsApp on unsupported devices.

Its no longer new that WhatsApp is one of the best mobile short message apps out there. The addiction to WhatsApp can be unbearable to some that they feel completely shut out from the world when they are not online on WhatsApp. I have a friend (friend? I mean lots of friends) with this kind of addiction.

Communication is really one of the most valuable aspects of life and WhatsApp really seems to undersatnd this, making it easy to coverse at regular interval with friends and family.

However, in as much as most phones are supported and can run WhatsApp. Some phones are not allowed to be installed WhatsApp on; Phones like Asha 200, Asha 205, c1, c2, 2700, 3110, x2’s-1-2-5 and etc. are not WhatsSpp supported. Most dual SIM variants are usually non compatible with WhatsApp.

Nokia phone not supported on WhatsApp
If you have any of these phones or your type of phone is not supported by WhatsApp then worry no further as I’ll be sharing with you right now the simple steps on how to use WhatsApp on your non supported phone.

Steps To Follow to Use Whatsapp On Your Unsupported Device

Method 1:


  • Get a phone with Whatsapp installed
  • Insert your memory card inside the phone
  • Locate whatsapp on the phone and the app to your memory card. Remove the memory card and insert it back to your phone then open your memory card and locate the Whatsapp and launch it.
  • Now Press Option>Account>Change Number, then follow the on-screen instruction to change current number to yours.

Method 2:
Use this if you can’t use the alternative method above.

  • Get a phone that is compatible with WhatsApp
  • Insert your memory card and sim card inside the phone
  • Download WhatsApp with the phone
  • Move the WhatsApp to your memory card, remove the memory card and sim and insert them back into your own phone (that does not support WhatsApp)
  • Check your memory card and locate the WhatsApp and open it on your phone.
  • Open the application and supply your details in the required column and then click continue.

Bravo there you have WhatsApp running on your unsupported device.

By now, WhatsApp should be running on your Asha 200, Asha 205 and other unsupported Nokia phones. That is if you follow the above methods properly. Have you tried it ? Does it work perfectly? Let me hear from you via the comment box below.

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  1. Dear group colleauque of whatapp team.
    I proudly inform that i was really realized till yesterday whatsapp application but from today onword it was suddenly unsuppored to this phone.
    Please kindly responce your prombt responce as soon as possible.

  2. sir mera samsung-b313e pe whatsapp install hua hai lekin wo net chal raha ,net pack hone ke bawjud be network erore de raha mai kya karu

  3. Got strucked …. I updated the app but then it says to agree the terms and conditions but how much i press the button it doesnt responds

  4. i hope it works becase i always want whatsapp on my phone so hat i can communicate with people that are far from me :).

  5. I downloaded watsapp on my nokia asha 2055 and it shows “unable to start”.what shall i do:-(

  6. i had whatsapp before without using your method u taalking about,bt why now it says unsupported device

  7. i had whatsapp using the first methot, it then started saying “unable to start” what might be the problem?

  8. when i open my whatsapp on nokia 2055 it says unable to start what is the shit going on here? ’cause i use to open it before

  9. when i open my whatsapp it says unable to start what is the shit going on here? ’cause i use to open it before

  10. Am unable to downlaod watsapp on my nokia c3 it keep tellin me service unavailable nd it keep showin watsapp messanger

  11. iv bn tryin a install wtsapp on my nokia asha bt it show unable a strt wts wrng wit ds thng it bn years now bt still whatspp is not supportd on a nokia asha why?? Ish cn u plz hlp us cz it sad to buy a phne nd only to find out dat it dnt support wtspp

  12. Sir my name is sumit and i wants to run whatsapp in my nokia 6303i classic.please give me some tips to run whatsapp in my phone.

    1. my whatsapp says unable to start plz tll me what should i do tomake it work imy nokia asha 205 snd me tips on hw to make it to start on my nb 0796228414

  13. The reason why i wont to open watsapp.Is that sending message out cost a lot of money and it will not cost me mush money

  14. So many time i Download whats app on my nokia asha 205 but when i open it i got msg “unable to open” please help me guys……
    Suggest me how can i install that…..

  15. I followed the steps and was to some extent succesful.messages can be viewed via notification only,the app itself cannot shows an error message,’java.lang.nullpointerexception.Am using nokia 110.plz

  16. i did this…but still its shows unable to start…I did put memory card into a device that match whatsapp but It dont work….stil shows unable to start

  17. I tryd sengwe le sengwe evn restart my phone my settings but i cannont open it ir says unable to start ga kitse gre ke dirile eng ke kopa thusa

  18. ke downlodile whatsapp mme whatsapp yaka e gana go bulega e re unable to start jwale a kesa kgona go tseba gore ke dire eng,ke tekano ya kgwedi ke e bula gomme e gana

  19. I’ve tried that severla times. I’ve even formatted my phone, redownload whatsapp andeven rebooting it… But it still says “unable to start”

  20. I have tried it, but my phone keep telling me certificate not on phone or sim. So what will i do? Here is my facebook user name odey stephen

  21. I have copied the whatsapp from a friend of mine;but i tried to open it is saying unable to start.please tell me what to really missing my family members in overseas.please help me

  22. i have an M-horse C-1000;which come’s with whatsapp,in i belive it sholud work.but any time i tried to log or run the app,it never either take me back or just indicate connection failed.what can i do?

  23. I use TECNO T731, my phone dont support whatapp, am trying but is not going throug, now I dont no what to do now so please kindly help me

  24. am having a phone with whatsapp but when i go to the app, it takes me back to da whatsap website, to download whatsapp and bla bla bla. and if i download it again, it cant run. da phone has no run option for any app.
    so what can i do?? please reply on my email

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