How To Fix Android Phones That Charges Only When Off

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There are quite a number of things that can happen to your smartphone that will render it useless or nearly so and one of those major glitches is the problem of being unable to charge your phone when it is on but for some reasons, it charges while off.

This is not only a major setback but with time, you begin to get worried as you can no longer use your smartphone as you charge.

If you are in this situation and have your Android smartphone suffering from this same problem, here are some methods to help you clear up the plague.

Method 1:

  • You may have to power off your device and wait for like 15 seconds before proceeding to apply this fix
  • Carefully examine the charging port on your smartphone to ensure that none of the pin is broken, bent, or out of place.
  • In case of bent pin, straighten the affected area carefully and avoid damaging other pins in the process
  • Once done, confirm your phone charges while off then proceed to put on your phone and test if it charges while on.

Method 2:

  • In case the first method fails, get a different USB cable and charger to confirm if the problem is indeed with your phone or with the charger.
  • Remove your battery in case you’re using a removable battery device or reboot in case your battery is non-removable before proceeding to try the new USB cable and charger.
  • Update your Android OS version if it hasn’t already been updates
  • Proceed to do a factory reset of your smartphone, then plug in the new USB cable and charger once done.

Note: It is important that you back up your files and settings information before proceeding to do a Factory Reset of your phone.

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