HP commences roll-out of new update to the Elite x3


The hottest thing on the smartphone market, considering devices that are built to run the Windows 10 out of the box, has to be the HP Elite x3. To ensure that this unit continues to meet all of your numerous needs, HP has started the rollout of a new update to their Windows flagship smartphone, and this makes the fourth update to hit the handset since inception. 
After getting this new software improvement, the firmware on your unit would be bumped up to 0002.0000.0023.0113.
For now, we have no information on what the update brings as we haven’t been able to get a peek at anything close to an official changelog. According to some reports, however, it is suggested that this update fixes some minor bugs and addressed performance-related issues in the same vein. 
If you had been holding your breath for a major feature to be included, this might be the time to let that air go – if this report is on the money, that is.

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