HP Elite x3 scores higher on AnTuTu after Anniversary Update, processes faster too

When it comes to the game and paying ground of the Windows 10 Mobile smartphones, the one that would knock every other device out when it comes to specs and pricing as well as any other criteria that you might find for competition is undoubtedly the HP Elite x3 and after having just got its own Windows 10 Anniversary update after a lot of delays and date pushbacks, there is bound to be a change in the operation and performance of the smartphone.

To detail this, the Windows 10 Mobile powerhouse was taken through another benchmark test and this was where it was recorded that it had an overall increase in its score as from earlier, meaning that the update really does more good to the operation of this one. In numbers, there was an increment of 9.3% in the official score that the device used to record on AnTuTu and in lay man terms, this means that your HP phablet would be faster than ever with this update on it.

Recall that the update didn’t just bring speed and performance but fixed the camera issues plaguing the tablet, brought on board better synchronisation options and introduced new languages for Cortana.

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