HP packages the HP 12C calculator to handle finances on Elite x3


When you cross reference search terms such as windows device, high price and beast mode, we are more than sure that your results would be centred around one main thing – the HP Elite x3. While Microsoft has already opened up shop to accept preorders for this one, it is to be noted that you won’t be able to use the fingerprint scanner that came with it when you get it out of the box.

This is not due to any glitch or anything but the fact that you would have to upgrade your device to the new Anniversary Update after which this feature starts to roll smoothly on the $799 smartphone.
However, asides this kind of update, it is rumoured that the management of HP are already working on a new firmware update that would bring on board a lot of other cool features, one of them being something dubbed the HP 12C Financial Calculator.

This is not coming as a surprise given that this device has already been marketed at a business phone targeted at the corporate society and if they should really launch something of the sort with a new firmware bump, they would be further easing the work of professionals and make handling finances easier and now on-the-go. To get the full capabilities on this calculator, landscape mode is advised on your device.

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