HTC 10 Now Available At Sprint Starting May 13

Looking at the current mobile trend, it looks like Verizon partnership with HTC what for a short time for United States Market. Just hours ago before this post was published the short term contract was officially out.

HTC 10 Now Available At Sprint Starting May 13

The new company identified as Big Red now taking pre orders for HTC 10 and will have its shipping date scheduled starting May 5.

In addition to the recent announcement, Sprint on the other hand also announced the availability of HTC 10 on their contract plan. And this time in turn out that they will launch the device later. To make it short, this means that HTC 10 from Sprint will be available this May 13.

As of now, the only information that we have was the basic information on how the device will be acquired, and it will be on installment plan basis. HTC 10 sold with Zero down payment and has 26$ a month locked for 24 months. To sum up, the grand total will be $624, probably the full price for the phone on Sprint.

That makes the device cheaper than Verizon contract, but in terms of device plans it seems that Big Red has the best offer, for a very limited time the total payments for will only reach $548.

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