HTC 10 To Bring Super LCD Display And  3000 mAh Battery

The soon to come in the market Smartphone device from HTC will introduce a different level of display with its Super LCD 5 screen that will be powered by powerful 3000 mAh device battery.

HTC 10 To Bring Super LCD Display And  3000 mAh Battery

The information that we share was gathered by our reliable source, the said device expected to have its final and official launch this April, and this will be shaping up huge improvement by HTC device line up.

So upon posting this, we are not that sure if this information has already been posted on some websites, but the upcoming HTC 10 will feature super display LCD 5 this is not AMOLED just to clear it out. So therefore this device will not have any other features like the always on display feature by Samsung S7 series.

However LG series managed to have this feature on G5, which as the LCD panel, so this will not rule out in the mobile market. Traditionally, the LCD type display used more power than the AMOLED typed panels especially when displaying dark images, but becoming more efficient than other.

Many images has been posted on HTC 10 show on their displays, this suggests that HTC will then unveil its latest device to the scheduled date. For meanwhile, its fans will be seeing more leaks.

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