HTC 10 In Canada Has No ‘Uh Oh Protection’

It was March 2015 wherein the giant Chinese smartphone manufacturer HTC unveiled to United States their latest One M9 partnered with the HTC’s UH-OH device Protection plan.

htc 10

But this warranty was not similar to what other device package has, so it was then tagged as limited warranty offered by competing manufacturers. The company designed the said warranty for them to surprise the market, and was then provided by a free service given by HTC for a contract of one year starting from the date of the device purchase.

This time, the company is now pushing it with their latest unlocked HTC 10 via Canadian site with a price tag of $999 with exclusive discount code amounting to $100 when a client purchases the device using the code HTCCA1008.

The company will then ship the ordered device within three days time from the date of purchase. Some of its buyers expect that the Uh Oh protection contract will be package with the purchase, but the company said that the Uh Oh protection will not be offered in Canada. The company emphasized the statement in order to make things clear about the information.

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