HTC 10 Desire Pro and Lifestyle won’t be launched in the US and Canada

Every part of the smartphone world have been expecting the mid-range handsets that HTC spent a lot of time into making and advertising – the duo of the HTC 10 Desire Pro and Desire Lifestyle, and launching a little more than a week ago now, the dreams of a lot of tech enthusiasts came to actualisation.

After the official launch, what would have been expected is that the device starts visiting various markets around the world and while we don’t have an hang of what markets is would surely turn up in, we know for sure at least two that won’t be getting it.

In a surprising turn of events, there has been an official statement out from HTC that they would be selling neither of the device in the United States and Canada which is rather shocking given that these regions are prime markets for success. Although those who wish to get either of the devices in these places can do so from any other source, it just wouldn’t be available officially which means that support won’t be provided to users that get it in those regions likewise.

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