HTC 10 With its United Kingdom Partner

The HTC 10 now up for it’s pre-order in most markets, and this time it includes United Kingdom. This was the recent move by the company since the device was first announced April 12.

HTC 10 With its United Kingdom Partner

However they don’t have any operator partner in UK, and therefore the company can only offer unlocked and SIM free units. Now the company has stepped forward to look for its network partner and officially gets its first ever operator partner for HTC 10.

Initially the said new partner already take pre-orders for HTC 10, those who are interested will have to pay £49 as 10 upfront partnered for the monthly plan costs £38.

The contract has a package of unlimited text and talk minutes with 1 gigabytes data each month. User has an option to move up to the higher data rate if needed. Example the £57 contract gives unlimited access to everything the data, text and call. Strangely £49 as upfront cost for HTC 10 does not go away regardless on which type of plan chosen.

The pre-order of HTC10 will be shipped May 6, this was inline of the company’s release date for this year.

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