HTC Eye is one the way with 5.2″ Full HD screen

HTC Eye in tow

HTC Eye in towAccording to popular leakstar, @Upleaks, who has shot into prominence since the demise of @evleaks, there’s a HTC device dubbed the HTC Eye in the works.

The guys behind the Twitter account didn’t say much but firstly, they suggested the smartphone will bear a 5.2 inches touchscreen which will have a resoluiton of 1080p by 1920p (Full HD). The device is alleged to be packing Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 801 chipset which beats in the company’s flagship HTC One (M8).

Though no details were given about the “Eye” naming which seems rather awkward, we’ll want to believe it’s not going to be the device’s final name even though there’s a slight chance we might turn out to be wrong anyways.

HTC is holding an event on October 8th and the content of the show is still discreet. The event’s invitation card tells a story of a of two girls holding what looks like a HTC phone in a selfie pose. In essence, what we are saying is that the HTC Eye might just pop out at the event, you’ll never know.

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