HTC Is Looking Forward with Mobile Virtual Reality

During the Mobile World Congress, HTC one of the popular mobile maker told our sources that they are not yet ready to disclose defeat in the mobile market, saying that they have a new killer device to be announced soon.

HTC Is Looking Forward with Mobile Virtual Reality

This information also hinted us that the company considers getting in the market of mobile virtual reality future. Seemingly this was a step for them to revive market interest in HTC’s premium smartphone devices.

Just last month HTC announced that they have lost $101 million in the last quarter of 2015, admitting that its sales of its flagship One M9 fell out of its expectation.

In the meantime, the company took its leap to start getting producing high end virtual reality headsets. The headset was called Vive partnership games and other publisher Valve in order to build virtual reality ecosystem.

So after a year since the last Vive was unveiled, they officially announce the pricing for the room scale version of virtual reality experience. Expectedly the headset will be available this April, with a price tag of $800.

With virtual reality headset success from HTC, this might be a hint that they are looking forward producing same like device in the future.

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