HTC M8_EYE is a version of the HTC One (M8) with 13MP camera

Ever wondered why the HTC One (M8)  had a 4MP camera? Well it’s because it chose to…nay, it’s because HTC wanted it so. They added something called the UltraPixels technology which some users believe makes the camera shine like a 13MP one.

While this is somehow logical, the number still don’t agree with that. According to info obtained sometime in 2013, the Samsung Galaxy S4 (with a 13MP camera) was outselling the then HTC One (M7) (4MP “UltraPixels” camera) by a margin of four to one. Does that make sense? Does it?

First gen HTC One
All that is about to change as HTC is allegedly ready to go back to the drawing board. Insider sources say the Taiwanese phone maker will make an exact clone of it’s 2014 HTC One but will ditch the 4MP duo snapper and use a plain 13MP camera instead. Final product will be called the HTC M8_EYE, one of the source tells us.

It’s important to remind us that HTC has done something like this previously with the HTC One E8 except the smartphone was manufactured in plastic unlike the shinny aluminum amour the One M8 is known for — the HTC M8_EYE will be donned in aluminum.

The HTC M8_EYE is said t be coming some time later this month so lets keep our fingers crossed till then. However, if you have a friend who’s courting to but a One, kindly send him/her/it this article by using ’em share buttons below.

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