HTC Needs to Become A Market Champion

The last time HTC One M8 was launched, I immediately upgraded into it, in order to feel the difference. Gladly its almost two years old since the last time I did that upgrade.

HTC Needs to Become A Market Champion

But for last year the last launched flagship smartphone device confused me and even left me in the dark. The reason is simple, there no much reason for me do the upgrade, in other words it’s not that worth to get a new one. And I was right with my experience, it seems that this has become a major problem with HTC last 2015. So the question now is will they do it? Is M9 offers a killing features that can knock out other mobile brand in the market?

So let us look where HTC industry is going. HTC’s recent flagship handsets come up with similar features in its previous generations. The Aluminum body build, the BoomSound Stereo, and Sense overlay. Looking back in 2013, only few devices has front facing speaker, but now things have change and many devices has it.

Every now and then more and more handsets are made of aluminum and material found in mid-range devices as well. As business, HTC has changed. We have seen key designer and management shift and the severe fall of the company.

HTC remains independent but linked with potential suitors. They continue to release mi range and even high end handsets but they are struggling to differentiate their own product in the mobile competition.

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